Insurance companies, businesses, and individuals are often subject to insurance claim lawsuits. These kinds of lawsuits can arise from a variety of insurance claims, including personal injury and workers’ compensation.

Being faced with an insurance claim lawsuit typically includes going through complex litigation and examining multiple layers of the insurance policy in question. At Griffin & Griffin, we provide experienced and aggressive insurance defense to clients throughout Texas, focusing in the Magnolia area including all surrounding counties and spanning from San Antonio to Beaumont and Lubbock to the cities throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Contact our office today.

Understanding Insurance Defense

Insurance as a whole can cover a wide variety of areas. Therefore, insurance defense can involve a broad range of legal issues involving its policies and claims. Attorneys who practice insurance defense represent those who believe they’ve received an unfair claim. Their job is to investigate whether the claim filed is covered in the terms of the insurance agreement.

Insurance defense attorneys essentially have three main responsibilities:

  • Ensuring policyholders are protected in the event of a lawsuit

  • Helping determine whether insurance companies must pay a claim

  • Verifying insurance companies are complying with applicable regulations and giving advice on how to handle claims

We provide a comprehensive analysis of the case and an estimate of the cost of defense. The analysis will include venue and jurisdictional issues, recommendations of essential activity, an evaluation of the potential case value, and the likelihood of winning at trial. We will also provide comprehensive reports as each client requires and significant developments will be reported as they occur.  Comprehensive pre-trial reports and pre-mediation reports will be provided according to each client's requirements. We ensure that all clients have personal and direct access to the attorney handling their cases.



Legal Counsel for Texas Insurance Companies

Many Texas insurance companies work with defense attorneys to protect their business interests. They may retain someone to review a new or modified policy to ensure its compliance with state regulations. Getting a legal professional’s opinion on a policy may help insurance companies clarify their policies’ language, which may, in turn, prevent future problems from arising. Insurance providers may also hire defense attorneys if a policyholder accuses them of wrongfully denying a claim.

The insurance industry is heavily regulated and updated often. In order to provide you with the best possible representation, we maintain our knowledge of the field and stay up to date with its frequent changes and amendments. 

Our team at Griffin & Griffin practices in both federal and state courts throughout Texas. We are highly skilled trial lawyers with decades of experience. While guiding our clients through legal proceedings, we make every effort to resolve our clients' cases economically prior to trial. When it is necessary to take the case to a judge and jury, we are your best choice.

If you need dedicated insurance defense representation, contact our office in Magnolia. We proudly serve clients throughout Texas, including the areas of San Antonio, Conroe, Galveston, Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, and more. Don’t fight your battles alone. We are ready to represent your company.

Insurance Defense Attorneys Serving Magnolia, Texas

When you need experienced and dedicated insurance defense in the Magnolia area, we’ll be here. Our team of skilled attorneys will work with you to pursue the outcome you deserve. Since 1997, we’ve represented clients throughout Texas, including those in San Antonio, Conroe, Brownsville, and McAllen. Contact Griffin & Griffin today to schedule a free consultation of your case.